May 2011
Paul sent a few pics of the gas tank finished up and
installed. Now for the fuel line install and then off for the
hood grill fabrication.
Pauls  starting on grills now. The first part will be the two grills on
the top of the hood. Here he's tacked the outside shape together
and cut the rest of the pieces to fit. From here they will have a
first polishing and welded together.  
Paul sent me up some grill pieces to start polishing on. I'd worked on polishing aluminum before
but not stainless. Theres quite a bit more work involved but the end result can look nicer.  I
started out by getting a few tips from Ron at Black Mountain Precision    I first purchased an
expander wheel from Eastwood. Starting with 80 grit sanding belts and moving up with 120, 220,
320, and finally 400, gave me a pretty good finish to start polishing. Ive been using a buffing
machine I bought about 4 years ago from Harbor Freight. Its fine for small stuff and the sanding
but wont hold up to all the polishing. I ended up finding a good Baldor  buffer on ebay and it
should be showing up in the next few days. After finishing the pieces in the following pics my
Harbor freight buffer was smoking. The polished pieces you see are not perfect, but you'll mainly
be seeing the edges of the pieces so the slight imperfections shouldn't be
noticeable.                          The pieces you see are only about a forth of what I have to do
I fianally got a new buffer, actually not new but just as good as
new. Baldor machines are top of the line.  Ive started on the next
set of stainless. 16 pieces around 30 inches long.  After these I
have another 5 to do and then see whats next