Well I started working on the gauges. I saw online where
after market gauges were installed in the corvette gauge
pods.  I started by picking up some plastic from Tap plastics
I then traced the outer part of the gauge pod
and the outside of the new gauge. Cut out the
outside from the plastic sheet and the inside to
hold the gauge
I've got a bit of sanding and fitting but you
can get the idea of what it should look like
from the pic below
Back at it. I mounted the gauges into the Gauge pods
Then mounted them into the Dash Panel. Still
some work to do but were moving right along
Now it's time to work on the center gauge
panel. I started by cutting out the side panels.
Above the panels are set in but
need triming still
The center piece will be a bit of work. we'll start
with cardboard and go from there. I started to
set it up for 7 gauges but forgot I have 8
I started on the first mock up. Since I didn't  line up the
gauge holes properly I figured this would make up a good
mock up.  The large rectangular hole on the bottom again
is for the Pioneer unit     
Well I'm getting closer. I might have to make one more gauge
panel depending on if I can get the gauges at the right angle
I started working on installing the back
window. I decided to try plexiglass like my 59
and 62 corvettes had. We'll see how it works
with the electric motors
I started working on the seats again. For now Ive gone back
to the C6 seats we have modified years ago. I'm going to
mount them direct to the floor useing a mounting plate that
the seats will bolt to that will bolt to the metal plates I've
panel bonded to the floor.
Below the modified c6 seats
Below the panel bonded plate. The
battery is just a weight till the bond dries