Well Paul started on carving the right
hand mirror. He feels he has about 3 more
hours to finish carving the block of wood.
Then it will be back to forming the metal
The Headlight Modules have arrived. There
made by Hella with H9 halogen bulbs and
are dot approved. We've ordered up an HID
lighting kit that has H9 bases on the bulbs
so they will plug right in.
We started mocking up the tire and wheel size for the
Mako using the wheels off of Paul's C6. The 19"  rims in the
back will fill the wheel well just right while the 18" look
good on the front. We'll probably order up the exact same
run flat tires that come on the C6 vettes along with some
Budnik Ice Rims
We are now ready for some primer on all the
metal of the interior and windshield frame.
With everything starting to move
along at a steady pace now, Ian's
getting the tail lights assembled so
they will alway's be accesable and
Today,  the tires and wheels were ordered. We went with the Eagle F1
GS-2 EMT run flat tires 245/40ZR18 LL on the front, and 285/35ZR19 LL  
on the back.
. The wheels are Budnik X series ICE wheels 18X8 in the front and 19X10
in the rear                     
Budnik ICE wheels link
January continued
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