Toms Toys
Now this is a Chevy Truck.  Scotts Very Clean Long Bed  
Friends Rides
Andys 1968 FireBird 400
Fred Stokes 32 Ford
Wes Shirleys 69
My Daughters 2011 camaro.
Kevin Brooks is getting closer to finishing his street rod. I'm not sure how many coats of paint are on
the car and if he could of found a larger metal flake.
Steve Bjers Road Runner.
Parked right where it
belongs, in a Cemetary
Looks like David's got his car back from Oregon. Now
starts the fun part. Wireing and some assembly
This is David and
Tammy Embree's
Hudson. I think he's
had it for 42 years.
looks like it at least.
Finally deciding to upgrade the Hudson  He took it up to a
shop in oregon where it's been worked over and is looking
pretty sharp. Below is a link to the work been done
Ready for David to take home