aug-sept 2012
Well I've finally brought the car home to get some work done
on it. The first thing I had planned was to get the brakes
hooked up. The master cylinder and all the brake lines had to
be installed. I also went with dot 5 silicone brake fluid
I also wanted to install longer wheel studs on the
rear trailing arms, so that meant pulling the control
arms apart. I thought Id all ready put in new
bearings and seals but no. Its all new now though.
I also installed the pulley system, made by                        
And Today I worked on the tail lights. I
have them mounted and pretty much all
thats necessary is to wire them up
Im starting to work on the gas tank
thats needs to be finished
I decided to ad a support to the center of the tank
I wanted to test fit the rear lower valance. I stilll need to do a
bit of fitting and figure out what screws to use to mount it. It
does change the look and hide a bit of the underneath.
This kind of gives a before and after look
Looks a little similar
I pulled out the wireing harness on the left that was in the car that
was hacked up.  I was also missing the half with all the sensor and
switch connectors. The harness on the right will also be spliced to fit
but I at least have the complete harness