Well we found the tail lights after about 2 years. Ive been
working on the lenzes and Ian figured out the diodes needed
to have the LEDs flash. I fitted a couple to the car and they
look allright but Paul from NEW METAL KUSTOMZ was not to
impressed. You can see the screws that hold the lenzes on
and we might re do them in the future but for now they'll work.
Well I found a trailer on craigs list that I figured
would be great for hauling the car home. It needs a
little cleaning, but I should be able to sell it when
done for the amount I have into it.
  COMING HOME                                      Well we pulled
the car out of New Metal Kustomz this last weekend. Had it
covered but 5 miles later the cover blew off.
We ended up bringing it home without the cover. Even
had a few fans stop for pictures while filling up at the
gas station
The Mako is finally home. I meant to get a few pics of the car
coming off the trailer but with all the excitement I
forgot.              I did want to thank David, Mark, Josh and
First job was to get some brakes on the car. Here I
started to mount the  brake master and clutch cylinders
Ive got the front brake lines on now. Not completely finished
though, I'll probably order up some stainless lines to finish the
job right. Ive installed the pulley system and everything looks