We have now found the seats that we will be using
for the Mako. Paul has decided to use the Chassis,
Suspension and Drive Train from his 05 Corvette on
a project he was planning. This gave me the
opportunity to buy the Sport seats out of his Vette
Of course we will completely re upholster them to
match the car but also figured we'd have to modify
them to fit the car better. Originally made for a C6
vette they were much taller then we could
use.             We started by pulling the seats apart
and cutting a 3" section out of the center
We did have to pull the Air Bags off the sides of the seats. I
didn't like the idea of them accidentally blowing open. We
are then reinforcing the backs with an aluminum panel that
will give more strength to seat
IAN's   L.E.D.s
We now were all most finished with
the rear tail light section and it was
time to mock up the L.E.D.s
LEDs installed without lenses
With Lenses
Tali light on
Brake lights on
Tail Lights and Back up
Shaky Backup lights
Brake Lights and Back up
New Stuff 10/26/06