Tail Lights completely sealed up
After we had the lights installed, I wondered what
would happen if anything went wrong with them.
Since we had completely sealed the back of them
there really wasn't anyway to repair
them.                          WELL GUESS
WHAT                                            Sure enough after
testing them one of the Tail lights went
dim.                                                                          So ,
back to the drawing board. We had to make them
This time , we made them the same but with a
1/2 inch ring around the back that will enclose
the wireing , resistors, diodes and regulator. A
lid will cover the back that is removable for
future repairs
We then painted the back of them black to hide the internal components
I guess with nothing to do one day Paul decided on
building some side mirrors from scratch. Originally I was
going to put some C6 mirrors on the car and even though
they looked a little big for the 68 I figured they were about
the best bet at the
Starting by carving a block of wood in
the shape he wanted , he then formed
aluminum over it  and with a little
beating  with a hammer       WAA LAA       
instant mirror
The electronics out of the inside of
Paul's C6 corvette mirrors will be
installed to make them properly
   I'm waiting now to see how the
right side mirror will compare in
dimensions to the left,  being hand
New Stuff 11/16/06