A little more body work to the front end, and
John's Chevelle also getting a skim of mud
Paul's starting on the tilt front end, hinge assembly.
Here we've started with 4 stainless steel plates that
will be attached to the frame. A channel will be
welded to each one that will hold a bearing that the
hood will roll up on
Here Mounts have been welded to the front of the frame rails
that will hold the bearing plates..
The frame rails have been cut the shape of the bearing plates, and the
bearing plates have been inserted into the frame and will be welded in.
The bearing plates are now welded into the frame rails and some
final grinding will be done on the perches to smoothen them up.
Here the perches have been cut and slotted for the hood support bar.    
Reggie is cutting out the side of the bearing support that will allow the
bearings and pin to roll up the channel.   
Here everything is cut were just waiting for the
pin and bearing fit
Were trying the hood hinge for the first time. It needs a little tweaking.
The bearings don't roll up and drop into the front bearing notch
smoothly enough. The hood does open up enough now to work on if
necessary, plus we can still remove the hood fairly easy if necessary