Well, I went to visit Paul and see how the car
was coming along. Not as much done as I
hoped, but some progress.  
Paul has just about got the rotisserie finished
and attached to the car. I'm hoping It'll be ready
for the underside work by this weekend. Theres
a bit of work needed to be done on the tunnel,
where we made room for the trans.
I'm still working on the pulley system.
Hopefully within 2 weeks it will be done
I'm now back on the valve covers. I'm hoping this is the last
time. I bought some aluminum to fill in the slot machined in
the side of the covers to hide the fuel injection wires. I first
milled the aluminum bar to fit the groove, and now its
sanding time. there's a lot of material to be sanded off.  
I've spent about 6 hours getting them sanded to this state. You
can see the lines next to each insert, when finished the lines
should be gone. On the ends I had originally sanded to far, so it'll
be a little work cleaning them up  
Im now installing the grooves on the back of the
inserts.           With help from Ron at Black Mountain
Precision we ran two grooves through each insert and left
holes for the fuel injection wires to exit out of. I'll then go
back to sanding the edges off the inserts.