We're now getting down to the final body paint
prep.      We made a body line that flows from the
back quarter panel forward through the center of the
door and to the front end.
We finally got David involved, Blasting
the paint off the block, grinding and
sanding all edges and getting it smooth
for primer. Then the transmission, same
thing, sanding every nook and cranny
getting it  prepped for primer and paint
The Bell Housing/ Scattershield has been
prepped and primed. The original hole for the
clutch fork has be filled in and two holes have
been made for the hydraulic cylinder lines to
the slave cylinder. One in from  the Clutch
Master cylinder and one out for bleeding the
The Transmission is now in the first coat of
primer, and the oil pan will be following soon
The transmission is now going through
its first sanding before the second coat
of primer. The lighter shade is where all
the sanding has been done. This alone
has been about 4 hours of work.
Ian is back to designing the LED turn signals,
that will be inset into the mirrors. This, hopefully
will be easier to make then the tail lights
The gas tank is now being fabricated.
We estimate it to be between 25 and 27
gallons when done
The back side of the tank is rounded
to fit in the slope of the rear lower
We noticed a lot of flex in the outer
door panels when sanding them, so
we added some inner structure. We
panel bonded in some 1/8" by 2" flat
stock, two strips, one above the
center of the door and one just
below. This gave us a noticeable
difference in door strength.