March 08
I put the Intake Manifold and valve covers on the
502 just to see how they look. Pretty good but
there are a few spots that need to be touched up
Below, you can see where we should
have painted the entire head. We'll
have to touch these spots up
I'm going to do another sanding and polishing on the
valve covers again. There are just too many nicks and
scratches to see
Another issue, we drilled and tapped a water outlet at
the back of the manifold to run one of our heater
hoses, but its going to interfere  with our rear fuel line
Paul's back on the body again. The firewall is being blocked sanded along with the rear tail light
section. The sides have been spot primed, and after a guide coat, will go through their last
Not much has happened on the car. Im still tinkering with the
engine. I put on the water pump and balancer and will start
polishing the valve covers this week.