I received some pic's from Paul last week. The cars
up on the rack to have some under car work done.
We still need to run the brake lines install fuel pump
and line.
Well I took a trip down to the East Bay to visit my daughter
Angela and then up to Santa Rosa to visit my son Kevin and
then see the Car. Angela came along but Kevin had to pass
this time. Paul's been getting things done.  AGAIN I had my
camera screwed up and the majority of the pictures didnt
come out. Ive got it fixed for next time.
We wanted to make sure the seat wasn't to high. Last time I
was here my head stuck up about an inch above the
windshield. I think we got the right height now. I think I'll
have to loose a few pounds but Ang seems to think it fits her
Paul's getting back on a few other things, the hoods getting some final touches before the grills are
going to be made and then paint. The gas tank is being finished up and hopefully installed before
my next trip down.
Next time the camera will be set right,
and in the next few weeks I'll try and get
someone else by to get a few pics