I have the 502 back from Black Mountain Precision
I got it tied down in my truck, ready for the trip
back to Santa Rosa.
Back in Santa Rosa, we mounted the flywheel,
clutch. and transmission before installing the
assembly on the chassis  
Below Vic and Paul are setting up the trans
mount, while David and Jake are discussing the
difference between workers and supervisors
Here is one minor problem we ran  into. The
a/c pulley and belt are very close to the
a/frame. Nothing that cant be fixed though.
The chassis is looking pretty good
with the engine in it
Here are a few pics of the body on the rotisserie,
there is a lot of progress taking place. Paint,
hopefully this Saturday April 18th   
ok, so I went down and took some pics of the paint job. It looked
Great but my camera didnt work as good as i hoped. I must have
took about 30 pics and allmost everyone was completely blurred.
Here are a few that are still blurry but at least you get a look at the
paint. I'm going to have to get Jake or Andy to get by there and take
a few good pics.