Making LED tail lights
So the tail lights are starting out being made out of 8)
5-3/16 smoked plastic. 4 bases drilled and chamfered
with the LEDs and small reflective cones inserted. The 4
top pieces will be tapered into cone shapes.
The tail light with the correct amount of resistors. Each red LED
has a forward voltage(Vf) of 2.2 Volts.  So with a source voltage of
12 Volts 5 LED’s can be ran in series.  The resistor limits the
current seen by each LED to 20 mA.  This ensures you do not
damage an LED by running too high of a current.  At 20 mA the LED’
s are super bright and will last a long time.  They also will not get
too hot.  Finally, there are two 12 V voltage regulators.  One for
brake and one for taillights. The taillights circuit is reduced to
around 5 mA to dim the LED’s.  When the brake light switch is
pressed then the LED’s have a full 20 mA source and they light up
to full brightness.  
On the left we have the Tail
light on and on the right the
Brake light. Were going to
brighten up the tail lights a bit.
The light on the left is one of
the inner Tail lights with the
tail light on, and on the right
with the Back up light on
Passenger Hood latch
Building the Floor
New Stuff
New Stuff