May 08
Well, its been awhile since anything has been done to the
Mako or the engine. We've been pretty busy on our move
from Santa Rosa to Weed Ca. I was told by Paul at New Metal
Kustomz that the front end would be primed today,  5/21/08.
In the mean time I went over to                                                  
and spent a few hours on the 502. I installed the oil pan and
the throttle body, and I'm about to start working again on the
valve covers. The oil pan has been painted silver with a blue
pearl, this should offset all the
chrome.                                         Jake from Smothers auto
parts is going to check up on Paul at New Metal Kustomz,
and see how the primered  front end  came out.   Hopefully
we'll have a few pics in the next few days.  
Thanks to Jake we got a few pics of the
front end in primer. Hopefully Paul will be
back on the car as promised next week.