The rear end is finally together. After disassembling, it
turned out to be a 370 posi instead of 411 as originally
thought. This makes for even better freeway driving once
its put behind the T56 6 speed. We used the Ring and
Pinion, and posi carrier over again since they were in perfect
condition, everything else was replaced, such as all bearings
and seals. We had the entire housing Chromed along with all
axle flanges, axle shafts and Drive shaft. I'm not sure yet
who's job it is to keep it clean but I think I heard that
Andy was volunteering ;)
June 6, 2006
Final sanding and first layer of
gel coat
Paul mixes up the first batch of Gel coat. Four
part mixture, one of which is small glass 1/2
After the first two coats, Paul and Reggie block sanded
the entire car smooth. It took around five hours. The
car has got the next coat in the following photos.
Since the initial block sanding, the Vette has received two additional
coats of Gel for a total of four coats. Reggie spent the morning with
the DA @ 36 grit dics knocking down all the high spots and ridges
created from spreading on the Gel. The goal is to be so smooth that
only primer, no bondo, will be needed for the final finish.
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