The Fire Wall is just about finished now. Here Abe is
getting down and finishing up the lower part of the
firewall. We were originally going to under coat from
the lower edge of the wall down, but with the extra
work Abe has put into it, we'll paint it instead.
Here both door jamb's are being finished off. As we
go along we keep finding things that need finishing.
No use not doing things right now
The rear deck is the last part to finish the first
blocking. Since this part has been completely hand
crafted we want to make sure every detail is looked at.
We did find a small discrepancy between the left wing and the
right, a few inches above where they join. Only about a 1/16 off,
but even this could be noticeable once in paint
The back is finally finished., Now were into finishing up the door jambs. Every
part is sanded and smoothed. Where the door hinge bolts to the body, its
sanded back to metal, so theres no build up of primer to act like a shim when
re-installing the doors.  The outer edge of the door frame is being chamfered
inward to give a little more clearence as the door swings shut.