Were finally getting some of the last areas
sanded before the second primer
The body is now pushed outside for a
thorough cleaning before going into the
booth for the second primer
We've got the second primer coat on, and
now for the guide coat. The guide coat
helps Abe in the sanding process to show
him, what still needs to be blocked (sanded)
We'll let it set up for a few days and then before blocking it, the plan is
to assemble the front suspension, put on the front end and see how it
fits. Paul also plans on starting to build the lower valance below the tail
lights. I'm looking forward to seeing this, plus how the wheels will look
on the semi assembled car
We've finally put the front end back on.  We'll also put on
the front suspension, and check out how everything fits.
We're going to put an engine in also to load down the
suspension, then put on the wheels to check out the tire
to wheel well clearance.