The radiator support will also serve as the expansion tank, A hard
line connects the radiator neck to the support. A vent tube inside
the top left of the support exits the bottom of the frame rail.
The brake kit is installed but not without issue. The rear
calipers lower edge contacts the rotor hat. The Front kit
is set up for the calipers to mount in front of the rotors,
but Paul has moved them to the rearof the rotors.
Some new additions to the fire wall include the custom column cover, the brake reservoir, and a dual
bulkhead fitting for the heater hoses. Paul also welded a bung into the frame rail to thread the
pivot heim joint for the lower steering shaft.
Paul is also working on covering the front upper spring perch/shock mount.
The left tail lamp housing is all the way back in and Reggie is almost done with the
right. The license plate holder has been evened up, and is ready to be firmed up.
Carl found a set of 18" wheels on Craigs list to
use for mock up and to check back spacing.
New Stuff 8/15/06