The lower tail light valance is being mocked up.
It should be welded up and finished within a
week. A little bit of body work around the license
frame, will need to be done to fit it properly.
Were now fitting the front end to the cowl. We
could have just forced it down with the hood
latches, but to do it right, we broke the hood in
about 5 places to lay it down properly
I wanted to give the valve covers a test
polishing. It would show me the spots that rally
need to be gone over again. I started on each
one with the black compound, and then did one
in the finer white. It did bring out a lot of
blemishes, so I'll go back to starting over on
them probably with a 220 grit paper, and then
gradually work up to 1000 grit in 200 grit
Paul is finally started welding together the rear valance. I should have
known when he says it'll be done in a week, expect 3 weeks. It does seem
to be a bit of work though. He's starting to weld the 3 sides together and
then he'll weld on the tail light extensions.
While were waiting on Paul. Bob Klein has been working on the front end.
Smoothing down the center ridge, and getting the front end to fit  nicely with the
Paul's finally starting to tack on the tail light
extensions. Its not an easy job, he'll spend
quite a bit of time just working on getting
everything straight and even.                              
He's made the panel extra long, but will trim it
down when done.  We might put a few louvers
in the panel for air flow if needed.     
Were smoothing down the center peak on the front end to match the rear of the car. It was
way to tall, but with sanding it down and laying glass to the sides it'll have a more gradual rise
to it .Were also almost finished up with the cowl fit.
We put the doors on for the final fit. Everything
looks good and we might put some paint on them in
another week.
I went back at the valve covers again,
this time there much better but still I
have a lot of swirl marks to get rid of
When I looked in today, Paul was starting to block sand the
rear of the car. I think everyone is looking forward to
seeing some color soon. Bob will be back on the front end
Monday, so hopefully we'll see it finished up also.  
Sept 07