Most of the
reinforcing/filling has been
completed, now it's days
and days of grinding and
This piece of Swiss
cheese was removed
and solid plate
welded back in.
While the frame is still upside down, Paul is welding a piece of
plate to the under side of the body mount bracket. He then he
then cuts ands forms a piece of metal to enclose the bracket.
When the final body position is set, the plate will be tapped to
accept the body mount bolt.
The 502 needed a little extra
room up front for the crank
pulley and A/C compressor.
Paul cut out the top of the
front cross member,
reshaped and reinforced the
member internally. The bent
front frame extensions were
cut off and replaced, and the
lower control arm mounts
were welded and smoothed.
The engine and trans are set in for mock up of the front
x-member, radiator, and to make a transmission x-member
from scratch. The engine is set with 3 degrees of angle to
offset the pinion angle. The radiator brackets and shrouds
will all be custom made by Paul.
New Stuff 3/20/06